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Put your child's future in good hands with Sensational Kids Therapy in Fleming Island, Florida. Our licensed therapists provide comprehensive physical, occupational , speech and launguage therapy for overall child development and progress.

When it comes to pediatric therapy, your child deserves only the best help available from compassionate, private practitioners. Register today to learn how you can enhance your child's learning for total mental and physical development.

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Sensational Kids Therapy in Fleming Island, Florida, is a pediatric therapy center that provides physical, speech, and occupational therapy for special needs children. Our team of licensed therapists and skilled personnel are dedicated to providing individualized, family-centered therapy aimed at meeting the specific needs of each child. We strive to teach families ways in which they can incorporate learning opportunities into their everyday routines, thus helping their child succeed later on in life. As a therapist-owned facility with more than five years in business, we ensure that your child receives the support and assistance he or she needs to reach his or her maximum potential.

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